Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The present working methods shall be the general framework for the performance of legal Services undertaken by Klam-Advocates through it lawyers (the Services). Our working methods shall be defined in an engagement letter or in any other written form proposed by the law firm Klam-Advocates and, accepted by the Client (a private individual or a legal entity)who entrusts the protection of their/its interests to Klam-Advocates.

Klam Advocates Client’s request

Normally, the Services shall be requested by the Client in writing manner and shall result in a financial proposal being sent to the Client by Klam-Advocates law firm.

Professional Secrecy

Klam-Advocates team members are subjet to the reules governing and protecting the professional secrecy of lawyers in DRC. Any violation of these rules may give rise to criminal actions and to disciplinary sanctions upon the matter being referred to the Chairperson (Stickman) of the Kinsahsa-Matete Bar Association.

The presents working methods may be modified discretionary at any time by Klam-Advocates.